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K9's For Soldiers Foundation

It’s heartbreaking to realize that the battle doesn’t end when military men and women come home. The sad truth today is that It’s heartbreaking to realize that the battle doesn’t end when military men and women come home. The sad truth today is that the number of military suicides exceeds the total number of those killed in battle. We are a volunteer non-profit organization founded by the Seven Lakes News Corporation to raise funds to provide returning soldiers from battle suffering from  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) with a trained companion dog.  Our main focus is preventing suicides among our returning heroes.  In NC an average of 4 veterans commit suicide every week.    Our companion service dogs come from Moore County shelters where the alternative may be euthanasia.   Our motto is "Save A Soldier & Save A Dog"​



 Local Moore County soldiers returning home with disabilities from PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) will be selected and presented a trained dog as a companion.  Our close proximity to Ft. Bragg allows us to help many returning soldiers that have been recently deployed.


 These dogs are rescued from shelters and will be trained by “Neil Copeland”, an Army Veteran and owner of Seven Lakes Kennels serving the purpose of saving a dog and helping the American service veteran with a new companion and outlook on life. 


Our primary goal is to lower the suicide rate of returning veterans that were deployed overseas. In North Carolina over 4 returning veterans end their lives every week. Throughout the US over 22 soldiers succumb to suicide every day. 


Now emerging scientific research is also pointing to the promise that service dogs offer. A Purdue University study released last year found that veterans coping with PTSD performed better on a variety of mental health and emotional well-being metrics, including reduced symptoms of PTSD and depression if they were paired with a service dog. Veterans with service dogs also missed less work.


The Seven Lakes News organization is proud to be the founder and corporate sponsor for this worthy non profit organization.





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